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"One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photos out of focus are an experimentation, one hundred photos out of focus are a style. " ~Author Unknown

Friday, February 29, 2008

Sneak Peek: "Baby K"

I can't believe "Baby K" is 6 months old already! This is the 4th session I have had with this family. It's hard to believe that I was shooting mom's maternity photos 7 months ago! "Baby K" has gotten so big in the past couple months. She has mastered sitting up and was full of smiles!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow Days!

We have had so much snow lately and quite frankly, I am SO ready for the spring! I'm convinced this whole winter has been covered in snow and last year it barely snowed once!

Anyway...the kids and I went out to play in the snow last week so I thought I would share a few. Kyan finally figured out how to run and play in the snow without falling on his face every two seconds while Chasen thought it would be fun to throw snowballs at me while I took his picture. So not a good idea, Chasen! ;-)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Buzz

I just got this email from a former client and I thought I would share it with you guys. It was so nice that it brought a tear to my eye. It is notes like this that remind me of why I love what I do:

"You manage to capture every single aspect of my daughters personality from sassy, adorable, mischievous to dog tired after a session. My photos make me smile each and every time I look at them because I see my daughter not just for how she looks, but for who she IS. No other photographer has been able to do this for me! You also have a way of making my daughter feel like you are best friends just playing around for a couple of hours. You are a natural at what you do!"

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sneak Peek: "Baby N"

Meet brand new "Baby N"! I had the pleasure of photographing eight day old "Baby N" last week. This is the perfect example of why it is best to schedule newborn sessions when they are under two weeks old. She was just such a cutie and still so tiny! She certainly kept me on my toes but once she had a nice full belly and the space heater made things all toasty, she calmed down and really performed well! I was able to try out some new things that I had been looking forward to so it was a fun session all around. I think her parents will be thrilled with the results!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Favorite Things: Week 2

Wanna get to know me better? Here is a list of my favorite things...in no particular order:

* date nights with my husband
* hearing the kids play together nicely
* flip-flops
* warm spring days
* family vacations
* buttercream frosting
* hot dogs from a street vendor
* New York City
* relaxing in the hot tub
* karaoke nights at home with my parents
* shopping without the kids
* Christmas morning
* throwing parties
* watching home videos
* memories of college days
* margaritas on the beach in Cancun
* getting on the scale and seeing a smaller number
* reading tabloid magazines
* getting into a freshly made bed
* diet coke
* Walt Disney World
* buying clothes for the kids
* uploading photos after a great session
* singing along to the radio in the car
* cupcakes
* candles that smell like baked goods
* really thick mascara
* lip gloss
* Ruehl
* festivals in the summer
* making my parents proud
* hearing Chasen yell "MOMMY!!" when I pick him up from school
* getting random texts from Alex during the day
* my Nissan Quest
* Starbucks
* road trips with the family

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Check out my Flickr page

I took some time tonight to update my Flickr page a bit and added a ton of new photos to it. If you have some free time, take a second or to to check it out and leave me some comments and testimonials! If you happen to have a Flickr account, be sure to add me as a contact. :-) The slideshow feature is particularly fun to watch! Enjoy!


Monday, February 18, 2008

One more of "Baby C"

As I was finishing processing the session of "Baby C", I just fell in love with this photo. I know it's not your normal "baby photo" but I just love it. I has this artistic quality to it that makes you want to look deeper into the photo. I can't wait to try this shot again with a brand new baby.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sneak Peek: "Baby C"

Meet new "Baby C" who was just shy of 8 weeks old during our session this week. He wasn't super happy with us at first but once we fed him (a record 5 times!) and cranked up the heat along with a space heater, he finally got happy. "Baby C" and his parents were up for just about anything so I was able to try out a couple new shots that I have been waiting to try. I can't wait to shoot with this little guy again in a few months!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Calling all Class of 2009

Okay, all you Juniors out there...I am looking for a few good kids to be reps for the Baby Steps Studios *SENIORS* division. If you are looking for a new spin on your senior photos, then this is the place to go. All of my sessions will be done on-location at (just about) any location of your choice. If you are an earthy spirit, we can shoot at a local park, at a lake, in a river, in the middle of cornfields etc. If you are more of a urban spirit, we can shoot downtown, in the Short North, the Arena District, etc. Each senior session will be completely different because we will build the session around you. This is not the "stand in front of the big '09 and pose" kind of senior photos but rather a new high fashion take on your photos. Who doesn't want to be a model for a day?

So, now that I've got your attention, you wanna hear the details of the *SENIOR REP* position? If you are selected to be a Baby Steps Studios *SENIOR REP*, you will receive a FREE mini senior photo session taking place anytime between now and April 1st. From this mini session, you will receive rep cards with your name and photo on them along with my info. You pass these cards out to all your friends...drum up some interest...and refer your friends to me. You will also receive a proof book from your session that is yours to keep along with your favorite 5 photos sized and watermarked for use on your Myspace and Facebook pages. For each friend that you refer to me (who completes a senior session), you will receive a $25 print credit towards your senior photos. Each friend referred will also get you an entry into a drawing for a $100 Easton gift certificate to be awarded in November.

If you are interested in becoming a *SENIOR REP*, send me an email with a photo and your info (including your school) and tell me why you would be a great rep. What are you in to? What makes you special? Only a select few juniors from each school will be chosen so be convincing! :-)

Here are a few photos from previous sessions to give you an idea of what your photos could look like. More examples will follow soon.

If selected to be a Baby Steps Studios *SENIOR REP* you will receive:

* free mini senior session (taking place prior to April 1st)
* senior rep cards with your name and photos to pass out to friends
* a proof book from your session to show off your photos
* your favorite 5 photos websized for your Myspace and Facebook pages
* $25 print credit for each referral
* entry into raffle for $100 gift card to Easton for each refferal

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

REMINDER: "Bring on the Spring"

It is time to start thinking about those precious Easter and spring photos. This year I have decided to make it easy on all of you. I will be devoting one Sunday and one Sunday only to a "Bring on the Spring" photo day at the Franklin Park Conservatory. If the weather is nice, we can head outdoors to the park area around the Conservatory which is beautiful but if the weather is yucky (yes, I actually said yucky!), we can head indoors for some beautiful "spring-like" photos inside as well.

The "Bring on the Spring" photo day will take place on Sunday, February 24th. Sessions will be extremely limited starting at 12:00 with the last session at 4:00. These will be mini-sessions with the shot lasting 45-60 minutes. The session fee for this special event is $100 for up to 3 children (and up to 5 people total including adults) and will must be paid in full to reserve your spot. (You will be required to provide for your own admission to the Conservatory should we shoot indoors.)

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to reserve your spot!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sneak Peek: "The C Family"

It's time for another sneak peek! This session really wore me out! These kids don't stop moving for a second!! I have known "The C Family" for a couple years through some friends of ours so I was really looking forward to this session. The kids were wound up quite a bit from "Little S"'s soccer game that morning so it took some time to get them into "picture taking mood" but with a little bit of coaxing and a little more bribery, we got some good shots in there!

"Baby M" is turning one in a couple weeks so we wanted to get some photos of her alone as well. She wasn't to thrilled with that idea, but she warmed up once she discovered the "Drop-Elmo-off-the-table-and-watch-Amy-scramble-to-grab-it" game! Too cute!!

By the end of the session, we weren't too sure what kind of shots we were going to get, but I think Mom and Dad will be pleasantly surprised! :-) Are they not the cutest family ever??