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"One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photos out of focus are an experimentation, one hundred photos out of focus are a style. " ~Author Unknown

Monday, March 31, 2008

Sneak Peek: "Mommy-To-Be K"

This must be a popular time to have babies because I have had a bunch of maternity sessions lately and I have another two scheduled this week!

I had a great time photographing "Mommy-To-Be K" last week. She is gorgeous, had a big selection of clothes to chose from, and was willing to try whatever I asked her to do! Talk about a dream client! The weather was quite cold and rainy outside so we didn't have the best lighting conditions but we just made it up as we went along and things worked out well. "K" was happy to do the shoot the "ghetto fabulous" way. I know her hubby thought I was crazy when I moved the whole kitchen around to get the best light but I think they will both agree it was worth it. After some begging and pleading we managed to even get hubby in for a few shots...as long as it was "nothing cheesy!".

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sneak Peek: "Senior Rep Dalton"

Here is yet another *SENIOR REP* session that went off perfectly! *SENIOR REP DALTON* and I had a great time shooting his session. It was a little chilly but a beautiful day despite the chill in the air. Dalton did such a great job of working the locations that we chose. I kept joking with him that he must have practiced by watching American's Next Top Model! :-) Even with the muddy areas through out the park, we managed to keep his shoes (all 4 pairs of them!) nice and clean! I kept saying "Okay, just one more and we will be done" then we would stumble across another cool spot so we would HAVE to keep shooting! :-) I am still proofing his session but I pulled out a few of my favs to sneak peek them here for him. Here you go, Dalton!

On a side note, I could still use a few more *SENIOR REPS* from select areas. If you are interested, let me know!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My photo in Cure Today Magazine

I got my copy of Cure Today Magazine in the mail today and I was so excited to see that photo the publisher chose to use for their article. Here is a photo of the article with my photo. (sorry for the quality of this snapshot...I am no product photographer!)

The first page of the article:

A close up of the photo:

A close up of the photo byline:

In case you missed the previous post in January, I am copying it here for you to read along with the sneak peeks of the session that had to be removed earlier.

I had a fabulous Think Pink session with Anna and Brian this past weekend. I was contacted by this national publication called Cure Today to do a photo shoot of Anna and Brian for an upcoming article about marriage after a cancer diagnosis. I jumped at the chance to do this shoot because I just knew it would be a blast!

We met in German Village and wandered around in the cold shooting all afternoon. It was so much fun! These two are so in love and so amazing together that it made my job so easy! I wish we could have shot all day but it was so cold and the biting wind didn't help the situation.

You can read Anna's "Survivor Story" on the Young Survivor Coalition's website HERE. She is truly an inspiration to me and I am so glad I got this opportunity to spend a little bit of time with such an amazing couple. I will post the selected shots from the magazine article when it gets published.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thank you for your support!

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the support, thoughts, and prayers that you have all sent my way. I have gotten so many messages from family, friends, and former clients that I truly feel blessed to have so many people who care about me and my family.

Chasen is doing great! He was up and playing by Monday night and even went to his tumbling class on Tuesday! I can't believe how quickly children can recover from things like this. I know I would be down for days if it were me! His eyes are both red on the inside corners but he isn't in pain and doesn't seem to have any problems. He's not a big fan of the eye drops that he gets every 4 hours but he will live!

So, I thought I would share some photos from our experience. You know there is no way my son was going to have surgery without me documenting as much of it as I could. I think it made me forget about what was really happening! I just feel so much more comfortable being behind my camera with something else to think about! :-)

Here is Chasen the morning before the surgery. He wasn't happy with getting up early. We gave Elmo a pair of glasses and an eye patch to go to the hospital with him.

Getting dressed in the "hospital pajamas". He was thrilled to not wear a "hospital dress" like all the books had mentioned!

Checking out the "name bracelet".

Hanging out in the pre-op area...watching movies, playing with toys, reading books...

Daddy looks way to excited for this procedure!

The hospital balloon was a big hit with all of the children. They all couldn't wait to take it home.

Even Elmo had "hospital pajamas" to wear. The staff couldn't believe that Elmo had a hospital gown and glasses! Gotta love the Build-a-Bear Workshop!

Mommy had to get in on one of the pre-surgery photos.

Grandma Gi-Gi came over to help ease the anxiety of surgery day...I think she was there for me and my nerves more than for Chasen.

Highlights Magazine helped pass the time. Chasen loves those search and find puzzles...

The nurse wheeling Chasen away into OR-2. He wasn't scared to leave us at all!

He came out of surgery just fine but was wiped out for hours afterward. Since it was outpatient, we took him home only about 30 minutes after surgery! He woke up to say a few words to us, mostly "I feel sick" and "I love you too", but then would go right to back to sleep. They gave us those lovely sunglasses to help protect his sensitive eyes on the drive home. The bag was just in case he got sick on the drive.

About 4 hours later, he was awake and wanted to "do something"! A new Backyardagains coloring book fit the bill for a bit.

Still smiley and feeling fine...5 hours after surgery.

A closeup of the red, bloodshot eyes. I can't believe they look as good as they do!

Anyway...thanks again for all the well wishes! We are all recovered and doing well! :-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sneak Peek: "Senior Rep Ty"

Okay girls, brace yourselves! :-)

Is this guy not model material or what? I knew we had gotten some great shots while we were shooting Ty's *SENIOR REP* session last week but I had no idea how great they really were until I starting processing them on the computer. Some of these shots of Ty actually made me say "WOW!". He just has that look that says "Stop and look at me!" which is a perfect fit for my style. He did a great job on the session even though I know he felt a little out of place most of the time. He came with the best wardrobe choices full of color and personality, that the session just fell together perfectly. (I'm sure I am embarrassing Ty to death now, so I will just shut my mouth and post the sneak peeks.) Enjoy!