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"One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photos out of focus are an experimentation, one hundred photos out of focus are a style. " ~Author Unknown

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sneak Peek: "Baby E"

Okay, I may be a bit biased since "Baby E" is my good friend Sarah's new baby but seriously...is this not one of the most beautiful baby girls you have ever seen?? "Baby E" was 6 weeks old yesterday when I went over to spend some time with them so I decided I had to snap a few photos while I was there. Can you believe she is only 6 weeks old? She was almost 10 lbs at birth and has a full head of beautiful dark brown hair with blond highlights. Yes, I said blond highlights! I was joking around with Sarah (who is notorious for having constantly changing, multi-colored hair...one of the reasons we get along so well!) that the hair dye must have seeped through to "E" while she was inside! :-)

Anyway...we weren't really planning a photo shoot so this "session" is a little outside the box for my usual newborn sessions but how can you go wrong with a baby like this? ;-)

On a side note, I will be out of the office starting this afternoon until Tuesday morning. We are going home to my parents' house in Indiana to spend some time in the pool before it officially becomes fall! I am all caught up with sneak peeks and proofing galleries, so if you were waiting to see your photos, check your email. If you are waiting on a print order that you placed last week, I will have the orders ready when I return on Tuesday. Thanks so much and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sneak Peek: My own kids

So, everyone always mentions how since I am a child photographer, I must have tons of great photos of my own kids. The truth is, it is exactly the opposite! Taking photos of my own kids has got to be one of the hardest things for me to do.

With other children, I am this new person...this new voice...this new camera. Children are interested in me which makes them look at me with those big wondering eyes. I can call their name and they will look up. I can play peek-a-boo with them and they laugh. I can ask questions about princesses or super heroes and they will light up inside to tell me about their favorite characters. Not so much with my kids! They see me everyday so I am not exciting anymore. They don't care about my little games. So, you see...taking photos of my own kids is not an easy task and not one that I like to tackle often.

That being said, my nanny was on vacation the first half of this week so while I was being Mommy full-time, I decided to take the camera along on one of our excursions. Surprisingly enough, we did manage to spend a nice couple hours together...playing and taking photos...without killing each other! I am convinced it was a miracle! So, here are my favorites from our little mini photo session this week.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sneak Peek: "Baby N"

I just love tiny newborn babies! This little guy was only 9 days old for our session which is perfect timing to get nice sleepy newborn photos. I shot maternity photos for this family just a few short weeks ago (check out "Mommy-to-be-J"'s session here) so it was fun to get to see them now as parents. I'm not sure what it is, but I somehow feel like I have known this couple forever. (Sometimes you just click like that!)

Anyway..."Baby N" did an amazing job of sleeping through most of our session. I don't think he even cried once! That's another one of the benefits of shooting newborns while they are still fresh; they will let me do just about anything to them as long as I let them sleep! I just love the close up photos of his face. Those squishy lips rival those of Angelina Jolie's kids! So adorable!! A few of these sneak peeks are my best newborn photos to date!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sneak Peek: "Miss M and Baby G"

I had the privilege of photographing "Miss M and Baby G" at their home last week. These kids were so adorable! "M" was a little tough to get out of her shell but once we started discussing Dora and various Disney Princesses, we did just fine! "G" was all smiles the whole session. A simple "peek-a-boo" from behind the camera and we were golden! Their neighborhood had this fabulous pond in the middle that made for some wonderful backdrops for our session. It's times like this that I am so glad my sessions are all done on-location! You never know when you are going to find an amazing place to photograph!

Sneak Peek: "Little K"

My, how the time flies by! I first "met" "Little K" when I was shooting her mom's maternity photos. I have gotten to watch "K" grow up over the past 12 months, capturing each milestone along the way. "K" is now one year old and cute as can be! We attempted to do a "smash the cake" with her, but she wasn't too thrilled about the idea of getting her hands or face messy! She is the first client that hasn't wanted to eat the cake but I can't blame her for not wanting to get all messy! Enjoy!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sneak Peek: "Mommy-To-Be M"

With my End of Summer Special going on for the last two weeks, I have been super busy shooting and haven't had much time to do anything else. So, if you are waiting on sneak peeks, gallery uploads, or photo orders, I assure you...they are coming. I am just running a little behind at the moment but I am working as fast as I can to get everything caught up! :-)

I had another wonderful maternity session this past week. This family was so sweet and loving to each other. It was so refreshing to see a family so happy to just be together. Their little girl was so adorable! By the end of the session, she was posing for the camera every time I turned around. She was also an amazing assistant...holding the reflector and helping to put all my equipment away! Too cute! So, enjoy your sneak peeks, "M".