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"One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photos out of focus are an experimentation, one hundred photos out of focus are a style. " ~Author Unknown

Friday, April 22, 2011

Session faves: "Spencer. 3 years."

Meet Spencer, we have been shooting him for the past 2 years and he is the sweetest, most adorable little guy! He is such a ham when put in front of the camera that it is nearly impossible to get a bad picture of him. These are a few of the favorites from his session.

Session faves: "Hayden. 2 years."

Meet Hayden, this little kiddo was so sweet! We had so much fun shooting at Franklin Park Conservatory. We spent a lot of the time wandering around searching for butterflies, and of course snapping some pictures along the way. And since his little sister, Adyson was there we thought we'd take a couple pictures of her too. Here are a couple favorites from their session! 

Session faves: "Adyson. Milestones. 4 months."

Meet Adyson. We were so excited for her Milestones shoot. We did her brother, Hayden's Milestones shoot and he was such a cutie. We knew Adyson had to be just as adorable. It will be exciting to watch her grow over the next year. Here are some of the favorites from her session.

Session faves: "Abigail and Gabriel. Siblings."

Meet Abigail and Gabriel. These two kiddos were so adorable and sweet. Abigail was always ready for the camera and smiling pretty. Gabriel was a cutie but like some of the other munchkins, didn't want to smile at all! Here are a few favorites from the session.

Session faves: "Grant, Aidan, and Grayson. Brothers."

Meet the Dickinson brothers. The youngest, Grayson, didn't want to sit still for the camera but his two older brothers, Aidan and Grant, were so patient and good with him. This family was a joy to shoot with! Here are a few favorites from the session. 

Session faves: "Malcom. 8 months."

Meet Malcom, he was such a cutie to photograph. However, he wasn't wanting to smile, at all. We tried being as silly as we could, but he wouldn't crack. Here are a few of the favorites from his session. 

Session Faves: "Andri. 2 years."

Meet Andri, she was such an adorable little girl to shoot! She was constantly on the move for the entire session! Here are a few of our favorites!