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"One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photos out of focus are an experimentation, one hundred photos out of focus are a style. " ~Author Unknown

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Session Faves: Veronica. 5 days old. Little Miracles. {baby steps studios}

Remember this gorgeous pregnant mommy and son photo?

Welcome 5 day old Baby Veronica to the family! This sweet little baby girl did a perfect job during our session earlier this week. She slept peacefully for the beginning of the session, allowing me to get all those adorable sleepy newborn photos we all love. Eventually, she got a little cranky but calmed down in time for some cute family and sibling shots! Congrats to you guys, again!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Can't decide on which photos to print? {Baby Steps Studios}

Can't decide on which photos to print? Don't forget...we always offer custom photo collages which are perfect for all those precious itty bitty baby parts!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Session faves: Oleski Family. Cameron and Dawson. {Baby Steps Studios}

The Oleski family contacted me for a family session and when she told me she had two boys and then their ages I though, "Oh boy...this one is going to be tough.". I could not have been more WRONG!! These little guys were simply adorable...followed direction...played along...and we just complete sweethearts! I told them at the end of their session that they won the award for the best session with sibling boys in months! The whole family was a dream to photograph and you can just see the love and happiness in their photos. I hope to see them again in the future to document more!

Session faves: Mason. 1 year. {Baby Steps Studios}

Here comes another one of those one year olds I was telling you about. I met Mr. Mason when he was just a newborn when they came into the studio with this fabulous wooden airplane:

So, of course we had to incorporate their new wooden airplane into his one year session as well. This little guy was all over the place and wanted nothing to do with sitting still...or standing still...or just being still at all! He gave me a run for my money but I was laughing the whole time. So much fun!

Session Faves: Jessica. 38 weeks. Little Miracles. {Baby Steps Studios}

I just love when clients book the Little Miracles package. It means that I get to meet these amazing women in one of the most magical times in their lives...and then see them again to document the brand new babies. Seriously...could my job get any better? Meet Jessica...38 weeks along when she came into the studio for this session (and due to my surgery last week I am a bit behind) which means...there is probably a new baby by now! I can't wait to see the brand new little one soon!

Session faves: Madison. 9 days. {Baby Steps Studios}

Okay, so you know how I always say we prefer to shoot within 5-10 days after the baby is born to get those nice sleepy shots? Well I don't think we could have found a day that Miss Madison would have followed that sleepy rule. This one was wide awake and squirmy for 90% of our session! I tried all of my tricks and eventually DID get her to sleep after a lot of waiting and chatting with Mom and Dad (who both used to work with my hubby at A&F...although we didn't know that until the session). It was a super fun session and once she finally fell asleep, it was well worth the wait!