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"One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photos out of focus are an experimentation, one hundred photos out of focus are a style. " ~Author Unknown

Monday, October 31, 2011

Session Faves: The Radtke Family {Columbus Family Photographer}

I LOVED this family! These kids were just adorable and so good together. Possibly my favorite moment during this session...Daddy had been away on business for a couple days and was meeting the family at the park. We went ahead and started the session with the kids while waiting for Daddy to arrive. After a few minutes of shooting with the kids, I notice Zack's eyes light up and he screamed "DADDY!!" and ran off to embrace him in a huge hug...PRICELESS!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Session Faves: Sevy. Maternity. {Columbus Maternity Photographer}

I absolutely love when a client chooses me for my artistic sensibility...and I absolutely love it when they come to me with a couple ideas and then let me run with it. Sevy was exactly that client! She was a dream to work with! We all had a great time brainstorming ideas, trying things I have never seen or done before...just AMAZING! I hope that future clients will see this post and dare to do something different with their maternity sessions, too. I can't wait to meet this new baby girl and see what kind of ideas we can come up with for that session, too!

Session Faves: Navin Family. Mini Sessions. {Columbus Family Photographer}

This is one of my favorite families to photograph. Little Spencer is JUST ADORABLE and makes me laugh constantly!! I honestly couldn't stop laughing the whole time. I love this little kiddo. I look forward to every session...each and every year!

Session Faves: Ellie and Sammie. {Columbus Child Photographer}

I photographed this family in the past when Sammie was a tiny baby so I was delighted they invited me back into their home to photograph baby Ellie! Sammie was such a fun little girl...watching me constantly to make sure I was treating her little baby sister right. She will be an amazing Big Sister!

Session Family: S Family. {Columbus Family Photographer}

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE fall?? Not only are the leaves beautiful, the weather gorgeous, and the treats yummy but I get to see so many past families again! The S family was just a dream to photograph! I don't know how they trained these kids but the second I put them in position, they looked at the camera dn smiled...on cue...every time!!! It was so funny! Love these little guys!

Session Faves: Karston. 18 months. {Columbus Child Photographer}

This little guy is always so much fun (okay...not at his 6 week session where he cried all the time) to play with! He was running EVERYWHERE as most 18 month olds do and made me work for the shots...but so worth it! It was a beautiful fall day and I couldn't have asked for more. :-) Can't wait to see him again in 6 months when he turns TWO!